On August 10, 1981 and for one week, we had a conference on
Algebraic Topology in Oaxtepec, Morelos, Mexico. The occasion for this
conference was to celebrate Jose Adem•s 60th birthday. We were very proud
to see it happen with so many of his friends, students and admirers.
I have had the pleasure to be in close contact with Jose over the
past twenty years, both as a friend, colleague and collaborator.
has lived all this time with one goal: To create the proper
atmosphere in Mexico so that we scientists can do research subject only to
two conditions: quality and continuity.
With his own life as an example, he has been a guide to many genera-
tions of young mathematicians and scientists.
The meeting was possible due to the generous financial assistance
of the Centro de Ivestigacion del IPN, Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y
Tecnologia, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Subecretaria de Educacion
Superior e Ivestigacion Tecnologica and Subecretaria de Educarion Superior
e Investigacion.
I want to thank all the participants and contributors for their
warm cooperation, and offer Jose this volume to commemorate the event and
as a token of our commitment to his goal.
Samuel Gitler
June 1982
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