Contents Preface Wiener-Hopf Factorization in Multidimensional Inverse Schrodinger Scattering TUNCA Y AKTOSUN AND CORNELIS VAN DER MEE Complete Integrability of "Completely Integrable" Systems RICHARD BEALS AND DAVID SA TTINGER On the Determinant Theme for Tau Functions, Grassmannians, and Inverse Scattering Xl 13 ROBERT CARROLL 23 An Overview of Inversion Algorithms for Impedance Imaging MARGARET CHENEY AND DAVID ISAACSON On the Construction of Integrable XXZ Heisenberg Models With Arbitrary Spin HOLGER FRAHM A Geometric Construction of Solutions of Matrix Hierarchies G. F. HELMINCK Lax Pairs, Recursion Operators, and the Perturbation of Nonlinear Evolution Equations RUSSELL HERMAN Time and Temperature Dependent Correlation Function of Impen- etrable Bose Gas Field Correlator in the Impenetrable Bose Gas A. R. ITS, A. G. IZERGIN, AND v. E. KOREPIN Breathers and the sine-Gordon Equation SA TY ANAD KICHENASSAMY Localized Solitons for the Ishimori Equation B. G. KONOPELCHENKO AND V. G. DUBROVSKY ix 29 41 47 53 61 73 77
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