In March of 1990, at the AMS meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas, a Special
Session on recent developments in "Geometry, Physics, and Nonlinear PDE's"
was held. For this conference, we invited specialists working in the areas of
Monge-Ampere equations, prescribed curvature problems, mean curvature, har-
monic maps, evolution with curvature dependent speed, isospectral manifolds,
and general relativity. In recent years, there has been an enormous surge of
activity in the above areas and we received an overwhelming response to our
invitations. Twenty-five thirty-minute addresses were delivered in the Session.
The majority of papers in the present volume are expositions of these addresses.
We thank all our colleagues who participated in the Session and contributed
to this volume. We are indebted to the American Mathematical Society for
the generous help with the organization of the Session and publishing of its
Vladimir 0 liker
Andrejs Treibergs
Salt Lake City
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