The present volume is based on the papers read at the conference "50
years after Doeblin: Developments in the theory of Markov
chains, Markov processes and sums of random variables" held
between 2-7 November 1991 at Blaubeuren.
The conference was dedicated to the memory of one of the greatest proba-
bilists of this century, Wolfgang Doeblin, who died in action during World
War II at the age of 25. Doeblin left behind several seminal contribu-
tions which have profoundly influenced many areas of probability and still
continue to be a source of inspiration for modern developments.
A group of probabilists from a number of countries thought that a com-
memoration of his achievements by the community of scientists was in
years after his death, and that the time was long overdue for
a well documented account of his life and work. This led to a confer-
ence in Germany, where distinguished scientists from all over the world
whose research has been influenced by Doeblin's papers presented lectures
and engaged in discussions which were later to materialize in this book
dedicated to Doeblin's memory.
An organizing committee was formed in 1989 consisting of A Blane-Lapierre
(France), KL Chung (USA), H Cohn (Australia),
Gani (Australia), H
Hering (Germany) and M Iosifescu (Romania). In the final analysis, the
conference became possible through the efforts of Professor H Hering who
obtained funding for the accommodation of 35 participants in the modern
building of the Heinrich Fabri Institute at Blaubeuren, a small picturesque
town near Ulm. Some funds were also made available by the Applied Prob-
ability Trust through Professor J Gani. The participants, representing
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