Contemporary Mathematics
Volume 149, 1993
We examine W. Doeblin's life and work through his correspondence,
deposited in different archives in Paris and in the Marbach Schiller Museum
Doeblin's Life and Work from his Correspondence
Let me begin by thanking the organizers of the Doeblin Conference who in-
vited me to speak at Blaubeuren. It is A. Blane-Lapierre who should have talked
about the life and work of Wolfgang Doeblin (W.D.) in Paris; he asked me to
take his place since he could not come to the Conference. Though he has stated
that he had no direct association with W.D., Professor Blane-Lapierre is obvi-
ously much more qualified than I to speak here, since he was born in 1915 like
W.D., and knew many of the same people and the same events.
Instead of personal souvenirs, I shall try to examine with you some of the
sources available in Paris, such as the National Archives where you can find
records of the Faculty of Sciences of Paris, the "Academie des Sciences" archives
where Maurice Frechet's family has deposited the greatest part of his personal
papers, the "Bulletin des Sciences Mathematiques" archives, the War Archives
and other archival collections. These archives contain letters, manuscripts, and
annotations which give details of some aspects of W.D.'s life and work and
especially his scientific training, the chronology of his works and the conditions
under which he brought them to a succesful conclusion between his arrival inParis
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