Introduction May the good things come to us from everywhere These Proceedings contain papers requested by the organizers or presented in person at the Conference on Linear Algebraic Groups and Their Representations held at UCLA March 25-28, 1992, on the occasion of the retirement of Professor Robert Steinberg. Support was generously provided by the National Security Agency1, the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, the Chancellor's Office of UCLA, and the Mathematics Department of UCLA. Mathematicians came to UCLA from Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America to participate in this conference honoring Robert Steinberg. They ranged from senior mathematicians to recently graduated mathematicians and graduate students. In addition to the many visitors, mathematicians throughout Southern and Northern California participated in the conference on a daily or occasional basis. The idea of the conference was to discuss the current status of the field and to suggest directions for future research in those areas of linear algebraic groups and their representations that have been decisively influenced by Robert Steinberg throughout his distinguished career. The success of this goal is indicated by the papers contained here. All papers appearing in this volume are final and will 1 NSA MDA904-92-H-3002 ix
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