Speakers and Titles of Talks R. Boltje V. Deodhar M. Dyer W. Feit S. Gelfand R. Guralnick W. Haboush G. Lusztig K. Misra B. Parshall M.S. Raghunathan N. Reshetikhin R. Richardson Z. Richstein J. Rickard M. Rosso D. Saltman G. Schwarz L. Scott Extending constructible sets on !-dimensional characters A survey of recent results in Kazhdan-Lustig theory and related topics Dihedral groups and projective functors Extending Steinberg Characters Examples of tensor categories from representation theory Primitive Permutation Representations Parabolic schemes on algebraic groups The quantum Frobenius map and Steinberg's tensor product theorem Quantum affine Lie algebras and affine crystals Ext groups and duality The first Betti Number of Locally Symmetric Spaces Representations of the double of Hopf algebras Parabolic subgroups with abelian unipotent radical Matrix invariants Finite group actions and l-adic cohomology *-balanced categories and subfunctors Rationality of invariant fields The linearization of equivariant Serre problems for reductive groups Kazhdan-Lustig theory and some problems on automorphisms xi
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