Contents Introduction ix Speakers and titles of talks xi Extending Steinberg characters WALTER FElT 1 A comparison of bases of quantized enveloping algebras I. GROJNOWSKI AND G. LUSZTIG 11 Transitive permutation lattices in the same genus and embeddings of groups ROBERT M. GURALNICK AND AL WEISS 21 Varieties of unseparated flags WILLIAM HABOUSH AND NIELS LAURITZEN 35 Bases for Demazure modules for symmetrizable Kac-Moody algebras V. LAKSHMIBAI 59 Representations of quantum affine Lie algebras and crystal bases KAILASH C. MISRA 79 The first Betti number of arithmetic groups and the congruence subgroup problem M.S. RAGHUNATHAN AND T. N. VENKATARAMANA 95 Combinatorics and geometry of K-orbits on the flag manifold R. W. RICHARDSON AND T. A. SPRINGER 109 On extraspecial parabolic subgroups GERHARD E. ROHRLE 143 Bounds for dimensions of weight spaces of maximal tori GARY M. SEITZ 157 Vector bundles on curves C. S. SESHADRI 163 vii
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