Geometric topology is an area of topology that has gone through tremendous
changes in the last decade or so. In fact a lot of the big questions and problems that
were facing mathematicians in the area have been answered, and new directions and
problems have arisen. One of the characteristics of geometric topology is that the
techniques that are used in the area are very diverse. The purpose of the conference
was to bring people working in the different subareas to "touch base" and to learn
what other people were doing.
These proceedings contain refereed reports from eighteen lectures given at the
conference. Altogether sixty-two people registered for the conference. Our guests
included mathematicians from all over the world: 25 from the U.S.A., 17 from
Israel, 7 from France, 5 from Japan, 3 from Germany, 2 from the U.K., and 1 each
from Canada, China,
and Mexico.
The organizers wish to thank the sponsors of the conference, which were the
Institute of Advanced Studies in Mathematics of the Technion and the U.S.-Israel
Binational Science Foundation. We would also like to thank Sylvia Shur and Hava
Harel of the Faculty of Mathematics of the Technion for the outstanding job they
did before and during the conference.
Finally, we remember our colleague and outstanding mathematician Professor
Boris Moishezon, who passed away unexpectedly in August 1993.
Haifa, October 1993
Cameron Gordon
Yoav Moriah
Bronek Wajnryb
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