due Donna Fraser, Margie Wells and Debra Duddlesten for their tireless efforts
in seeing to every detail, large or small.
We also express our thanks to the participants for a lively and successful
conference. Many outstanding talks were presented. We would also like to
thank the authors for contributing to this volume and the referees for their
invaluable assistance. Thanks are also due Pat Snare and Donna Fraser for their
help in preparation of parts of this volume. Last but certainly not least. we
would like to express our appreciation to the American Mathematical Society
for publishing this volume in thf'ir series Contemporary Mathematics, and in
particular to Donna Harmon (Amer. Math. Soc.) for her patience, care, and
help in the preparation of this volume.
Because of the success of this conference, often referred to as Fq II, we are
delighted to be able to report that the University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland,
has agreed to host Fq III during the second week of July, 1995. We look forward
to what we are sure will be another very successful conference. We hope to see
you there.
Gary L. Mullen
Peter Jau-Shyong Shiue
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