VLADIMIR TONCHEV, "Quasi-symmetric Designs, Codes, Quadrics, and Hy-
perplane Sections"
CYNTHIA E. TRIMBLE, "Finite Field Sums from p-adic K-Bessel Functions"
GERHARD TURNWALD, "A New Criterion for Permutation Polynomials"
SCOTT VANSTONE, "The Knapsack Problem in Cryptography"
ANTONIO VANTAGGIATO, "A Model For Finite Fields: Computational Issues
and Applications"
DAQING WAN, "L-functions of p-adic Representations"
JACQUES WOLFMANN, "New Results on Diagonal Equations Over Finite
Fields from Cyclic Codes"
E.A. YFANTIS*, F.S. MAKRI, and P.J.-S. SHIUE, "An Algorithm for Gener-
ating Uniform Random Numbers With Large Periodicities"
PAUL THOMAS YOUNG, "On the Gross-Koblitz Formula"
JIE-TAl YU, "An Iterative Algorithm of SLSR For Mutiple Sequences With
Different Lengths"
JING YU, "On Class Groups of Function Fields"
OSCAR MORENO and VICTOR A. ZINOVIEV*, "ilansformations of 4-regular
Graphs and Equations of Chevalley-Warning Type"
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