Contents Stability of geodesic incompleteness JOHN K. BEEM 1 Numerical simulation of two-polarization Gowdy T 3 cosmology BEVERLY K. BERGER, DAVID GARFINKLE, VINCENT MONCRIEF, AND CARRIE SWIFT 13 "No hair" theorems-Folklore, conjectures, results PIOTR T. CHRUSCIEL 23 Spacetime geometry of CR-structures KRISHAN L. DUGGAL AND AUREL BEJANCU 51 From the Riccati inequality to the Raychaudhuri equation PAUL E. EHRLICH AND SEON-BU KIM 65 lnvariance properties of boundary sets of open embeddings of manifolds and their application to the abstract boundary CHRISTOPHER J. FAMA AND SUSAN M. SCOTT 79 Least area tori, black holes and topological censorship GREGORY J. GALLOWAY 113 The method of timelike 2-surfaces STEVEN G. HARRIS 125 Conjugate points and higher Arnol'd-Maslov classes ADAM D. HELFER 135 Manifolds with a circle action and the Einstein constraint equations JAMES ISENBERG AND VINCENT MONCRIEF 149 The internal geometry of black holes WERNER ISRAEL 155 Einstein-Yang-Mills fields with spherical symmetry H. P. KUNZLE 167 Quasi-periodic motions of planar liquid drops DEBRA LEWIS 185 v
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