Preface In August 1993, the American Mathematical Society and the Canadian Mathe- matical Society held an international joint conference in Vancouver, British Colum- bia. This volume is the proceedings of a special session on "Geometric Methods in Mathematical Phyisics" organized at that conference. The subject of differential geometry has substantial applications in mathematics and physics, with the stimulus from general relativity. This volume contains latest information on some of such applications. The major themes dealt with include studies involving black holes, singularities, censorship, the Einstein field equations, geodesics, index theory, submanifolds, CR-structures, and space-time symmetries. Also, there are papers on Yang-Mills fields, geometric techniques in control theory, and equilibria. We are grateful to the American Mathematical Society for their support in pub- lishing this volume. We would especially like to express our gratitude to Ms. Donna Harmon for her efforts. Finally, the editors are thankful to all the participants and the contributors whose interest and work made the publication of these proceedings possible. vii
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