This book is the result of a research conference in arithmetic geometry which
took place at Arizona State University in March 1993. The lectures at this
conference were devoted to important recent advances in Iwasawa theory, elliptic
curves, modular forms and modular curves, p-adic heights, £-functions, and the
inverse Galois problem. In addition to expanded versions of many of the talks
presented at the conference, this volume contains a previously unpublished letter
of John Tate, written to J.-P. Serre in 1973. We thank Professors Tate and Serre
for generously agreeing to the inclusion of it here.
We are grateful to all of the participants, and especially the speakers, for mak-
ing the conference a success. We also thank Tonya Blair, Lydia Dance!, Bruce
Long, Mary Sabel, and Marlene Salvato of the ASU Mathematics Department
for their fine work in helping to organize the conference, and Craig Huneke,
Donna Harmon and the staff at the AMS for their help with the preparation of
this volume. Finally, we wish to acknowledge the financial support of the NSF
and Arizona State University, which made travel to the conference possible for
many of the participants.
Nancy Childress
John W. Jones
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