The Jerusalem Combinatorics '93 International Conference in Combinatorics
was held in Jerusalem, Israel, between May 9 and May 17, 1993. The organizing
committee consisted of Gil Kalai, Helene Barcelo, Noga Alon, Anders Bjorner
and Edna Wigderson. One of the goals of the conference was to bring together
mathematicians from various areas of combinatorics. Some of these areas were:
enumeration theory, extremal combinatorics, graph theory, coding theory, com-
binatorics of polyhedra, representation theory and other topics in algebraic com-
binatorics, probabilistic methods and relations with computer science. We also
felt it was important to give substantial representation to outstanding scientists
in the early stages of their careers. More than one half of the 28 invited speak-
ers were less than eight years after their Ph.D. Subsequently there was a large
representation of women mathematicians among the speakers. There were four
special one-hour lectures: two for a general audience given by Mireille Bousquet-
Melou on Polyominoes and by Vera Sos on Unavoidable irregularities and two
for a specialized audience given by Joan Birman on Combinatorics of finite-type
knot invariants and by Hillel Furstenberg on Ergodic theory and combinatorics.
There were also twenty-eight 45-minute invited talks and eight half-day work-
shops. The workshops and their organizers were:
Analytic methods, Vitaly Bergelson
The probabilistic method, Eli Shamir
Algebraic combinatorics, Sheila Sundaram
Enumeration, Rodica Simion
Combinatorics and geometry, Joseph Zaks
Combinatorics and polyhedra, Peter Kleinschmidt
Graphs and Hypergraphs, Ron Aharoni
Algorithms and optimization, Ronitt Rubinfeld.
Coding theory, Simon Litsyn.
The present volume contains several of the talks of the conference; they appear
in alphabetical order by the first author's name. We would like to thank every
participant of this conference for their contributions to its success. We are also
indebted to the Edmund Landau Center for Research in Mathematical Analysis,
the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the Department of Mathemat-
ics at the Hebrew University, the Einstein Foundation, the National Security
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