The Cech Centennial Homotopy Theory Conference was organized to com-
memorate the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Eduard Cech. The
conference was held at Northeastern University in Boston between June 22-26,
1993. The organizers were Mila Cenkl, Mike Hopkins, Sol Jekel and Haynes
The main topics of the conference were the most recent results in the stable
and unstable homotopy theory. The conference was attended by over one hun-
dred mathematicians from around the world. In addition to the eleven plenary
lectures there were thirty-three papers presented in two parallel sections.
This volume contains papers which were either presented or solicited at the
conference. All papers were refereed, and we are glad to have this opportunity
to thank the many referees who helped select and improve these papers.
We owe many thanks to Ms. Donna Marlowe and to all other staff members
of the Department of Mathematics at Northeastern for making the conference
and local arrangements a memorable success.
We acknowledge, with thanks, the generous support from Northeastern Uni-
versity, MIT, National Science Foundation, and the American Czech-and-Slovak
Education Fund.
Finally we are grateful to Ms. Donna Harmon from the office of the American
Mathematical Society for her fine secretarial support in assembling the volume.
Mila Cenkl
Haynes Miller
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