Contents Preface IX Explicit formulae for Taylor's functional calculus D. w. ALBRECHT 1 A survey of invariant Hilbert spaces of analytic functions on bounded symmetric domains JONATHAN ARAZY 7 Homogeneous operators and systems of imprimitivity BHASKAR BACCHI AND GADADHAR MISRA 67 Duality between A00 and A-oo on domains with nondegenerate corners DAVID E. BARRETT 77 Commutative subspace lattices, complete distributivity and approximation KENNETH R. DAVIDSON 89 Models and resolutions for Hilbert modules R. G. DOUGLAS 109 Positivity, extensions and the truncated complex moment problem LAWRENCE FIALKOW 133 Torsion invariants for finite von Neumann algebras DONGGENG GONG AND JOEL PINCUS 151 Algebraic K-theory invariants for operator theory JEROME KAMINKER 187 Fundamentals of harmonic analysis on domains in complex space STEVEN G. KRANTZ 195 Spectral picture and index invariants of commuting n-tuples of operators R. N. LEVY 219 Schatten class of Hankel and Toeplitz operators on the Bergman space of strongly pseudoconvex domains HUIPING LI AND DANIEL H. LUECKING 237 Operator equations with elementary operators MARTIN MATHIEU 259 vii
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