As part of its emphasis year in topology, Northwestern University
sponsored a conference on homotopy theory during the week of March 22-26, 1982.
Generous support was provided by the National Science Foundation and the host
university. In addition, efforts to bring in several foreign mathematicians
were aided by the cooperation and support of the University of Chicago.
The scientific program included 9 plenary lectures, listed below, and
numerous seminar talks in parallel sessions. This volume collects papers
by participants, corresponding for the most part to lectures given at the
conference. All were refereed.
ends with a list of problems presented at
a session organized by Bruce Williams.
The editors of this volume would like to express their thanks to the
many topologists who served as conscientious referees, to the editors of the
Contemporary Mathematics series, and to Karen Walcott, who showed great energy
and initiative as secretary both during the conference and afterwards in
assembling this book.
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