Preface Higher genus Moonshine P. BANTAY Contents Superstring twisted conformal field theory L. DOLAN Some twisted sectors for the Moonshine Module lX 1 9 CHONGYING DONG, HAISHENG LI, AND GEOFFREY MASON 25 Spinor construction of the c = 1/2 minimal model ALEX J. FEINGOLD, JOHN F. X. RIES, AND MICHAEL D. WEINER 45 The McKay-Thompson series associated with the irreducible characters of the Monster KOICHIRO HARADA AND MONG LUNG LANG 93 Some quilts for the Mathieu groups TIM Hsu 113 A nonmeromorphic extension of the Moonshine Module vertex operator algebra YI-ZHI HUANG 123 On the Buekenhout-Fischer geometry of the Monster A. A. IVANOV 149 Operads of moduli spaces and algebraic structures in conformal field theory TAKASHI KIMURA 159 On Hopf algebras and the elimination theorem for free Lie algebras J. LEPOWSKY AND R. L. WILSON 191 Local systems of twisted vertex operators, vertex operator superalgebras and twisted modules HAI-SHENG LI 203 Modular forms and topology KEFENG LIU 237 vii
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