Contents Preface vii Commuting Actions-A Tale of Two Groups GEORGIA BENKART 1 Lie Theory over Commutative Rings and Lifting Invariant Forms BoC~ ~ Polynomial Representations of Frobenius Kernels of G L2 STEPHEN R. DOTY, DANIEL K. NAKANO, AND KARL M. PETERS 57 Homological Topics in the Representation Theory of Restricted Lie Algebras J ORG FELDVOSS 69 An Exposition of Generalized Kac-Moody Algebras ELIZABETH JURISICH 121 Root Multiplicities of Graded Lie Algebras SEOK-JIN KANG 161 Similarity of Crystal Bases MASAKI KASHIWARA 177 Some Topics on the Representation Theory of Generalized Kac-Moody Algebras SATOSHI NAITO 187 Complexity and Support Varieties for Finite Dimensional Algebras DANIEL K. NAKANO 201 Quasi-particle Structure in Solvable Vertex Models ATSUSHI NAKAYASHIKI 219 v
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