Preface These papers commemorate the sixty-fifth birthday of Professor Franc ois Treves. Franc ois Treves received his doctorate in 1958 under the direction of Professor Laurent Schwartz. He has since made many deep, varied, and lasting contribu- tions to partial differential equations, pseudodifferential operators, hypo-analytic structures and complex analysis. His elegant expository writings have played a significant role in making many aspects of analysis accessible to a wide mathematical audience. This was recognized when the Mathematical Association of America awarded him the Chauvenet Prize for his paper "On the Local Solvability of Linear Partial Differential Equations" and again when the American Mathematical Society awarded him the Steele Prize for his monograph "Pseudodifferential and Fourier Integral Operators". Colleagues, students, and friends offer this volume to Franc ois Treves with af- fection and respect as a tribute to his outstanding contributions to mathematics. Some of the papers were presented at the "Brazil-USA Conference on Multidimen- sional Complex Analysis and Partial Differential Equations", Sao Carlos, Brazil, in June 1995. This conference was dedicated to Professor Treves in recognition of his influence on the development of analysis in Brazil through his many visits and his personal ties with many Brazilian mathematicians. ix Paulo D. Cordaro Howard Jacobowitz
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