Contents Preface ix On extreme points and the strong maximum principle for CR functions S. BERHANU 1 Symplectic cones and Toeplitz operators LOUIS BOUTET DE MONVEL 15 A Lyapounov-Schmidt procedure involving a nonlinear projection HAIM BREZIS AND LOUIS NIRENBERG 25 Remarks on commutators of pseudo-differential operators SAGUN CHANILLO 33 A survey on the problem of local solvability for systems of vector fields PAULO D. CORDARO 39 Extension of CR-structures for 3-dimensional pseudoconcave manifolds CHARLES L. EPSTEIN AND GENNADI M. HENKIN 51 Analytic singularities GABOR FRANCSICS AND NICHOLAS RANGES 69 Asymptotic behavior of the Bergman kernel and hypergeometric functions GABOR FRANCSICS AND NICHOLAS RANGES 79 Quasilinear degenerate elliptic equations in divergence form PENGFEI GUAN 93 Remarks on the Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations LARS HORMANDER 101 Removable singularities of vector fields and the Nirenberg-Treves property JORGE HOUNIE AND JOAQUIM TAVARES 127 The Levi and Stein problems for elliptic structures HOWARD JACOBOWITZ 141 On a priori estimate on a manifold with singularity on the boundary MASATAKE KURANISHI 155 The problem of complexifying a Lie group LASZLO LEMPERT 169 vii
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