Contents Preface ADAM KORANYI Part I. Minicourses. Local fields and trees ALESSANDRO FIG A-TALAMANCA Martin boundaries and random walks STANLEY A. SAWYER A brief introduction to buildings DONALD I. CARTWRIGHT Local fields and buildings TIM STEGER Part II. Abstracts of Lectures. Heat kernel for regular trees ix 3 17 45 79 DEBE BEDNARCHAK 111 Tensor product of spherical representations of the group of automorphisms of a homogeneous tree DONALD I. CARTWRIGHT, M. GABRIELLA KUHN*, AND PAOLO M. SOARD! 113 The horocyclic Radon transform on trees ENRICO CASADIO TARABUSI 117 Eigenfunctions of the Laplacian on a homogeneous tree JOEL M. COHEN* AND FLAVIA COLONNA 121 Exotic convergence in theorems of Fatou type FAUSTO DI BlASE 125 A spectral gap property for transfer operators YVES GUIVARC1H 129 Harmonic functions on discrete subgroups of semi-simple Lie groups VADIM A. KAIMANOVICH 133 vii
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