Contents Preface ix Boundary observability and controllability of linear elastodynamic systems FATIHA ALABAU AND VILMOS KOMORNIK 1 Riblets and drag minimization YOUCEF AMIRAT AND JACQUES SIMON 9 Min-max problems for non-potential operator equations GILES ACHMUTY 19 An infinite dimensional time optimal control problem PIERMARCO CANNARSA AND CARLO SINESTRARI 29 Dirichlet problem for nonlinear first order partial differential equations BERNARD DACOROGNA AND PAOLO MARCELLINI 43 Hidden boundary smoothness for some classes of differential equations on submanifolds MICHEL C. DELFOUR AND JEAN-PAUL ZOLESIO 59 Convergence to the asymptotic model for linear thin shells MICHEL C. DELFOUR AND JEAN-PAUL ZOLESIO 75 Variational formulation of optimal damping designs F. FAHROO AND K. ITO 95 Local exact boundary controllability of the Navier-Stokes system A. V. FURSIKOV AND 0. Yu. lMANUVILOV 115 On uniqueness and stability in the Cauchy problem VICTOR lSAKOV 131 Augmented Lagrangian-SQP techniques and their approximations K. KUNISCH AND S. VOLKWEIN 147 Recent progress and open problems in control of multi-link elastic structures JOHN E. LAGNESE 161 Spatio-temporal control in the coefficients of linear hyperbolic equations KONSTANTIN A. LURIE 177 Modified interior distance functions ROMAN A. POLYAK 183 vii
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