Plenary Talks
Lars Hasselholt, MIT, "Topological cyclic homology"
Ruth Charney, Ohio State University, "CAT(O) geometry and Artin groups"
Michael Hopkins, MIT, "Formal groups, spectra, and orientability"
Nicholas Kuhn, University of Virginia, "Cohomological stability and generic repre-
sentation theory"
R. James Milgram, Stanford University, "The interaction of finite simple groups
and stable homotopy theory"
William Dwyer, University of Notre Dame, "Duality in homotopy theory"
Douglas Ravenel, University of Rochester, "What we still don't know about loop
spaces of spheres"
J. Peter May, University of Chicago, "Brave new worlds of stable homotopy theory"
Ulrike Tillmann, Oxford University, "Moduli space of Riemann surfaces-a K-
theory approach"
Fred Cohen, University of Rochester, "Applications of group theory to classical
homotopy theory"
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