Contents Preface IX List of Talks xi Postprojective partitions for tilting torsion pairs I. ASS EM AND F. U. COELHO 1 Derived canonical algebras as one-point extensions M. BAROT AND H. LENZING 7 Special biserial algebras and their automorphisms F. M. BLEHER 17 Wild subquivers of the Auslander-Reiten quiver of a tame algebra S. BRENNER AND M. C. R. BUTLER 29 Representation theory of noetherian Hopf algebras satisfying a polynomial identity K. A. BROWN 49 Finite representation type and periodic Hochschild (co-)homology R.-0. BUCHWEITZ 81 The syzygy theorem for monomial algebras M. C. R. BUTLER 111 Algebras whose derived category is tame J. A. DELAPENA 117 Circular biextensions of tame concealed algebras P. DRAXLER 129 On the distribution of AR-components of restricted Lie algebras R. FARNSTEINER 139 Compatible deformations M. GERSTENHABER AND A. GIAQUINTO 159 Directing objects in hereditary categories D. HAPPEL AND I. REITEN 169 On subcategories associated with tilting modules D. HAPPEL AND L. UNGER 181 vii
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