This volume contains papers presented at the Special Session on Stochastic
Inequalities and Their Applications at the meeting of the American Mathematical
Society held October 17-19, 1997 at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta,
Georgia. The goal of this Special Session was to bring together several dozen
international experts in stochastic inequalities to exchange ideas and present state-
of-the-art results and techniques in this area of basic research in mathematical
probability and statistics.
We would like to thank the participants of the Session for their inspiring lec-
tures, and in particular the contributors to this volume and the referees of these
articles (each article was sent to at least two referees). Special thanks to Don
Richards, who suggested the idea of publishing a proceedings of the Session, to An-
nette Rohrs for the superb technical assistance with the manuscripts, and Christine
Thivierge for her encouragement and patience in supervising the production of this
The Editors
Theodore P. Hill, Christian Houdre
Atlanta, Georgia
February 1999
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