Contents Preface ix List of participants xi Connections between random matrices and Szego limit theorems ESTELLE L. BASOR 1 On a fourth order curvature invariant SUN-YUNG A. CHANG AND PAUL C. YANG 9 Small eigenvalues of the Hodge Laplacian for three-manifolds with pinched negative curvature RUTH GORNET AND JEFFREY MCGOWAN 29 Heating and stretching Riemannian manifolds CHRISTOPHER M. JUDGE 39 Number theory zeta functions and dynamical zeta functions JEFFREY C. LAGARIAS 45 Complex dimensions of fractal strings and oscillatory phenomena in fractal geometry and arithmetic MICHEL L. LAPIDUS AND MACHIEL VAN FRANKENHUYSEN 87 High frequency cut-offs, trace formulas and geometry KATE OKIKIOLU 107 Meromorphic continuation of the resolvent for Kleinian groups PETER PERRY 123 Variation of scattering poles for conformal metrics YIANNIS N. PETRIDIS 149 On BHu's equidistribution theorem ROBERT RUMELY 159 Asymptotics of a class of Fredholm determinants CRAIG A. TRACY AND HAROLD WIDOM 167 vii
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