Contents Preface tx Open problems in combinatorial group theory GILBERT BAUMSLAG, ALEXEI G. MYASNIKOV, AND VLADIMIR SHPILRAIN 1 The bar problem-A simple tiling problem which is N P-complete on the Euclidean tessellation by squares but which is polynomial time on the hyperbolic tessellations by 4g-gons, g :2: 2 DANIEL BEAUQUIER, DAVID E. MULLER, AND PAUL E. SCHUPP 29 When are centralizers of finite subgroups of Out(Fn) finite? DEBRA L. BOUTIN 37 Computing angles in hyperbolic groups ZEPH GRUNSCHLAG 59 On effective decidability of the homeomorphism problem for non-compact surfaces OLIVIER LY 89 Some presentations of the trivial group CHARLES F. MILLER Ill AND PAUL E. SCHUPP 113 A language theoretic analysis of combings SARAH REES 117 vii
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