Preface "Crystallographic Groups and their Generalizations II" was held at Kortrijk from May 26 to May 28, 1999. The main aim of the meeting was to report on and to discuss recent developments, achievements, and problems concerning crys- tallographic groups and all concepts which can be seen as generalizations of them. With 7 one-hour invited talks, 22 short communications, several posters, and all together over 65 participants, very internationally composed, the organisers have the fair impression that the conference has met these aims. As expressed by several participants, the general feeling was that of a suc- cessful and stimulating meeting, presenting high-level research mathematics and a discussion forum for many young researchers. It is clear today again, upon proposing these proceedings containing survey as well as original research papers, that also in this respect the workshop can be called a success, in fact quite beyond the organisers' initial estimations. It is particularly encouraging to see that even a few of the articles contain or at least announce results obtained (in cooperation) during the conference itself. All papers have been thoroughly refereed, which resulted more than once in most valuable suggestions to improve the quality of the manuscripts. On behalf of the organizing scientific committee, I want to express gratitude to the invited speakers who, by their excellent talks combining insight, overview, and lists of challenging problems, created the mathematical outline of the conference, and moreover, of forthcoming research. This gratitude extends to all speakers and authors for their contributions and manuscripts and to all participants for the very positive and cooperative atmosphere during the conference. We express the hope that this meeting created real opportunities to them for shaping future research work. Our thanks go also to the K. U. Leuven Campus Kortrijk, the Fund for Scientific Research (Flanders), and its Research Network "Fundamental methods and techniques in mathematics" for their financial support, and to the American Mathematical Society for their interest in the publication of this volume. It is with gratitude and recognition to all the authors of proceedings papers and to the referees that we present this volume and invite all readers to enter the subject and/or enjoy the new results. On behalf of the organising scientific committee Paul Igodt K. U. Leuven Campus Kortrijk March 2000 ix
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