xiv Titles of talks and posters Invited talks Y. Benoist: Automorphisms of convex cones. M. Bridson: Complexity and the geometry of groups. C. Casacuberta: Idempotent constructions preserving virtually nilpotent groups. K. Dekimpe: Polynomial structures: recent developments. B. Farb: The asymptotic geometry of solvable groups. W. Goldman: Crooked tilings and affine Schottky groups. G. Margulis: Multiplicative ergodic theorem and nonpositively curved spaces. Short communications T. Barbot: Goldman flows and flag manifolds. 0. Baues: Varieties of discontinuous groups. I. Belegradek: Precompactness for finite volume negatively curved manifolds. D. Burde: Second cohomology spaces for filiform Lie algebras. L. Butler: Liouville-integrable geodesic flows on a fami ly of 2-step nilman- ifolds. S. Choi: Flat real projective and affine structures on 3-manifolds. A. Descheemaeker: Localization of virtually nilpotent groups. S. Dupont: Projective structures on three-dimensional solvmanifolds. Y. Kamishima: Homogeneous complex affine fiat surfaces and its compact quotients. K. Kim: Left invariant affinely fiat structures on solvable Lie groups. T. Kuessner: Ideal reflection groups and Gromov's simplicial volume. J. Lee: Affine manifolds with partial dilations. W. Malfait: An obstruction to the existence of Anosov diffeomorphisms on infra-nilmanifolds. I. Mineyev: Straightening and bounded cohomology of hyperbolic groups. H. Oh: Compact Clifford-Klein forms of homogeneous spaces of S0(2, n). A. Parreau: Compactification of representation spaces of discrete groups. L. Potyagailo: Hierarchical accessibility of finitely presented groups and ap- plications to geometry. J.P. Rossetti: Isospectral Hantzsche- Wendt manifolds. G. Soifer: Crystallographic semigroups and Margulis' conjecture. 0. Talelli: On groups which act freely and properly on finite dimensional homotopy spheres. A. Valette: Markov operators on solvable Baumslag-Solitar groups. J. Wolf: Flat homogeneous pseudo-Riemannian manifolds. Posters G. Bastardas, C. Casacuberta, T.G. Choo: Localization of free groups. N. Bozovic, I. Bozovic, M. Damnjanovic: Line group symmetry and optical spectra of carbon nanotubes. H. Cho: A classification of convex affine 3-manifolds. A. Davydov, J. Berrick: Multiplicative structure of the cohomology of the discrete Heisenberg group. G. Noskov: Walls in a Moussong complex of a Coxeter group. N. O'Sullivan: Localization of virtually nilpotent groups. D. Scevenels, C. Cassidy, N. Kennedy: Hyperbolic automorphisms for groups in T(4, 2).
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