Contents Preface ix List of participants xi Titles of talks and posters xiv Tores affines YVES BENOIST 1 On structures preserved by idempotent transformations of groups and homotopy types CARLES CASACUBERTA 39 Affine Schottky groups and crooked tilings VIRGINIE CHARETTE AND WILLIAM M. GOLDMAN 69 Polynomial structures on polycyclic groups: Recent developments KAREL DEKIMPE 99 Problems on the geometry of finitely generated solvable groups BENSON FARB AND LEE MOSHER 121 Flat Lorentz 3-manifolds and cocompact Fuchsian groups WILLIAM M. GOLDMAN AND GREGORY A. MARGULIS 135 Varieties of discontinuous groups OLIVER BAUES 147 Affine cohomology classes for filiform Lie algebras DIETRICH BURDE 159 Hyperbolic automorphisms for groups in 7(4, 2) CHARLES CASSIDY, NEIL KENNEDY, AND DIRK SCEVENELS 171 VariE~tes projectives a holonomie dans le groupe Aff+ (R) SERGE DUPONT 177 Classification of homogeneous complex affinely flat surfaces with compact quotients and applications to complex projective structures YOSHINOBU KAMISHIMA 195 On the fundamental groups of compact complete quaternionic affinely flat 2-manifolds YOSHINOBU KAMISHIMA AND TETSURO UDONO vii 225
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