Program Courses Walter Ferrer Santos Introduction to algebraic groups Hans-J iirgen Schneider Introduction to Hopf algebras Conferences Andres Abella Compact matrix quantum groups arising from unitary coalgebras Marcelo Aguiar Infinitesimal Hopf algebras Jacques A lev Primitive quotients of Uq(sl(2)) and their automorphisms Margaret Beattie Twistings of H-comodule algebras and Galois objects Stefaan Caenepeel Separable functors applied to the category of Doi-Hopf modules Miriam Cohen Invariants of the Adjoint Coaction Juan Cuadra Diaz On the Brauer Group of a Cocommutative Coalgebra Yukio Doi The trace formula for braided Hopf algebras Walter Ferrer Santos Galois connections for incidence Hopf algebras of partially ordered sets xiii
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