Contents Preface ix Participants xi Program xiii Infinitesimal Hopf algebras MARCELO AGUIAR 1 Modules over weak entwining structures S. CAENEPEEL AND E. DE GROOT 31 On generalized characters MIRIAM COHEN 55 BiFrobenius algebras YUKIO DOl AND MITSUHIRO TAKEUCHI 67 Integrable models and star structures ARIEL GARciA AND ROBERTO TRINCHERO 99 On Nichols algebras of low dimension MATIAS GRANA 111 A generalization of crossed products JORGE A. GUCCIONE AND JUAN J. GUCCIONE 135 A brief introduction to face algebras TAKAHIRO HAYASHI 161 On two proofs for the existence and uniqueness of integrals for finite-dimensional Hopf algebras LOUIS H. KAUFFMAN AND DAVID E. RADFORD 177 Cocycle deformations and Galois objects for some cosemisimple Hopf algebras of finite dimension AKIRA MASUOKA 195 Pointed indecomposable Hopf algebras over Coxeter groups ALEXANDER MILINSKI AND HANS-JURGEN SCHNEIDER 215 A duality theorem for quantum groupoids DMITRI NIKSHYCH 237 vii
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