Mathew Ando, University of Illinois
Elliptic homology of B08 in positive characteristic
Greg Arone, University of Chicago
Why should loops on Stiefel manifolds stably split?
Carles Casacuberta, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Cohomological localizations exist under large cardinal axioms
Wojciech Chacholski, Yale University
Complication of spaces
Don Davis, Lehigh University
From representation theory to homotopy groups
Jeanne Duflot, Colorado State University
A filtration in algebraic K-theory
William Dwyer, University of Notre Dame
Functors from spaces to spectra
Paul Goerss, Northwestern University
spectra under MU
Lars Hesselholt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
K-theory of fields complete under a discrete valuation
Michael Hopkins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The topological theta function
Mark Hovey, Wesleyan University
Galois theory of thick subcategories over Hopf algebras
Po Hu, University of Chicago
Some remarks on the stable homotopy theory of schemes
Brenda Johnson, Union College
Constructing and characterizing degree n Functors
Max Karoubi, Universite Paris 7
Quantum methods in algebraic topology
Igor Kriz, University of Michigan
A brief introduction to the work of J. Peter May
Gaunce Lewis, Syracuse University
Mackey functor commutative algebra
Ib Madsen, Aarhus Universitet
On the homotopical structure of diffeomorphisms of surfaces
Mark Mahowald, Northwestern University
resolutions and isogenies of elliptic curves
Michael Mandell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Andre- Quillen cohomology for E
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