Contents Preface Speakers Participants Conference photo A brief introduction to the work of J. Peter May, on the occasion of his 60th birthday IX XI X Ill xvi IGOR KRIZ xix Mathematical ancestry of J. Peter May xliii On the Adams E 2 -term for elliptic cohomology ANDREW BAKER 1 Mapping class groups and function spaces C.-F. BODIGHEIMER, F. R. COHEN, AND M. D. PEIM 17 Extended powers of manifolds and the Adams spectral sequence ROBERT R. BRUNER 41 Centers and Coxeter elements w. G. DWYER AND C. w. WILKERSON 53 On the homotopy type of the loops on a 2-cell complex BRAYTON GRAY 77 Rational S0(3)-equivariant cohomology theories J. P. C. GREENLEES 99 On the K-theory of nilpotent endomorphisms LARS HESSELHOLT AND lB MADSEN 127 The Ext0-term of the real-oriented Adams-Novikov spectral sequence Po Hu 141 Toral groups and classifying spaces of p-compact groups KENSHI lSHIGURO 155 Stable splittings and the diagonal NICHOLAS J. KUHN 169 vii
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