Conference lectures 60 minutes. A.-M. BERGE, Symplectic lattices. J.J. BoUTROS, Quadratic forms in information theory. J.H. CONWAY, The Fifteen Theorem. D. HOFFMANN, Zeros of quadratic forms. C. KEARTON, Quadratic forms in knot theory. M. KRECK, Manifolds and quadratic forms. R. PARIMALA, Algebras with involution. A. PFISTER, The history of the Milnor conjectures. M. RosT, On characteristic numbers and norm varieties. W. SCHARLAU, The history of the algebraic theory of quadratic .forms. J.-P. SERRE, Abelian varieties and hermitian modules. M. TAYLOR, Galois modules and hermitian Euler characteristics. C.T.C. WALL, Quadratic forms in singularity theory. 30 minutes. A. ARUTYUNOV, Quadratic .forms and abnormal extremal problems: some results and unsolved problems. P. BALMER, The Witt groups of triangulated categories, with some applications. G. BERHUY, Hermitian scaled trace forms of field extensions. P. CALAME, Integral forms without symmetry. P. CHUARD-KOULMANN, Elements of given minimal polynomial in a central simple algebra. M. EPKENHANS, On trace forms and the Burnside ring. L. FAINSILBER, Quadratic .forms and gas dynamics: sums of squares in a discrete velocity model for the Boltzmann equation. C. FRINGS, Second trace form and T2 -standard normal bases. J. HURRELBRINK, Quadratic forms of height 2 and differences of two Pfister .forms. M. IFTIME, On spacetime distributions. A. IZMAILOV, 2-regularity and reversibility of quadratic mappings. S. JOUKHOVITSKI, K-theory of the Weil transfer .functor. V. MAUDUIT, Towards a Drin.feldian analogue of quadratic forms .for polynomials. M. MISCHLER, Local densities and Jordan decomposition. V. POWERS, Computational approaches to Hilbert's theorem on ternary quartics. S. PUMPLlJN, The Witt ring of a Brauer-Severi variety. A. QUEGUINER, Discriminant and Clifford algebras of an algebra with involution. U. REHMANN, A surprising fact about the generic splitting tower of a quadratic .form. X
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