Contents Preface 1x Conference lectures x Conference participants xii Conference photo x1v Galois cohomology of the classical groups EvA BAYER-FLUCKIGER 1 Symplectic lattices ANNE-MARIE BERGE 9 Universal quadratic forms and the Fifteen Theorem J. H. CONWAY 23 On the Conway-Schneeberger Fifteen Theorem MANJUL BHARGAVA 27 On trace forms and the Burnside ring MARTIN EPKENHANS 39 Equivariant Brauer groups A. FROHLICH AND C.T.C. WALL 57 Isotropy of quadratic forms and field invariants DETLEV W. HOFFMANN 73 Quadratic forms with absolutely maximal splitting 0LEG IZHBOLDIN AND ALEXANDER VISHIK 103 2-regularity and reversibility of quadratic mappings ALEXEY F. IZMAILOV 127 Quadratic forms in knot theory C. KEARTON 135 Biography of Ernst Witt (1911-1991) INA KERSTEN 155 Generic splitting towers and generic splitting preparation of quadratic forms MANFRED KNEBUSCH AND ULF REHMANN 173 vii
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