Foreword From September 5 to 11, 1999, a workshop on groups of homotopy self-equivalences and related topics was held at the Gargnano conference centre of the University of Milan, located in the town of Gargnano (Lake Garda). The workshop was attended by some 30 mathematicians from Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Republic of South Africa, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain and the United States. This volume contains papers presented to the workshop. It contains two specially written articles-a review of work done in the area of homotopy self-equivalences since the Montreal conference of 1988, including a bibliography, and a list of prob- lems. The workshop was made possible by a grant from the National Institute for Ad- vanced Mathematics "Francesco Severi" (IN dAM). Thanks are due to Martin Arko- witz and Renzo Piccinini who were main organisers before and during the workshop. Each research paper in this volume was carefully refereed and thanks are due to all who helped in this. Ken-ichi Maruyama and John W. Rutter ix
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