Contents Foreword IX Homotopy self-equivalences 1988-1999 JOHN W. RUTTER 1 Bibliography on £(X) 1988-1999 JOHN W. RUTTER 13 Subgroups of the group of self-homotopy equivalences MARTIN ARKOWITZ, GREGORY LUPTON, AND ANICETO MURILLO 21 The space of free loops on a real projective space SVEN BAUER, MICHAEL CRABB, AND MAURO SPREAFICO 33 Indecomposable homotopy types with at most two non-trivial homology groups HANS-JOACHIM BAUES AND YURI DROZD 39 Square rings associated to elements in homotopy groups of spheres HANS-JOACHIM BAUES AND NORIO IWASE 57 Fibrations with product of Eilenberg-MacLane space fibres I PETER I. BOOTH 79 Self homotopy equivalences of equivariant spheres DAVIDE L. FERRARIO 105 Two examples to illustrate properties of the group of self-equivalences of a finite CW complex X Y. FELIX 133 Nilpotency and localization of groups of fibre homotopy equivalences A. GARVIN, A. MURILLO, P. PAVESIC, AND A. VIRUEL 145 The homotopy groups of the homotopy fibre of an induced map of function spaces K. A. HARDIE AND K. H. KAMPS Fibrations, self homotopy equivalences and negative derivations VOLKER HAUSCHILD Classifying spaces and a subgroup of the exceptional Lie group G2 KENSHI ISHIGURO vii 159 169 183
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