Jarvis, Takashi Kimura and Arkady Vaintrob introduce a new axiom in the theory
of r-spin cohomological field theory and explore its consequences, thus providing
a new geometric meaning for gravitational descendants; Bernd KreuBler provides
results needed in the proof by A. Polishchuk and E. Zaslow of Kontsevich's homo-
logical mirror symmetry for elliptic curves; Anvar Mavlyutov gives a description of
the cohomology of semiample hypersurfaces in a complete simplicial toric variety,
which was previously unknown; Alexander Polishchuk and Arkady Vaintrob give
an algebraic construction for a virtual fundamental class on the moduli space of
curves with higher spin structures; Alexander Postnikov presents new properties
of the Gromov-Witten invariants of complete flag varieties; Steven Rosenberg and
Mihaela Vajiac use gauge theory techniques to give flat sections for the Dubrovin
connection in quantum cohomology; Christopher Woodward's paper is a survey
on related problems such as certain products in conjugacy classes of a Lie group,
Witten's formula for the volumes of moduli spaces of flat connections on Riemann
surfaces, loop groups, and Gromov-Witten invariants of flag manifolds.
Lastly, a word of thanks. Alas, words are inadequate (mine, at least) to portray
the generosity, good cheer and hard work that went into the Lowell enterprise. The
speakers scrambled out of a busy Boston life and into Lowell on DaylightSavingTime
weekend; the writers donated some of their precious summer thinking time; the
referees were startled (in September, first-day-of-classes time!) into reading highly
technical work very quickly, and they did read it closely. And I would also like to
thank warmly Mary Beth Ruskai, who delivered the invited address on Quantum
Information Theory in Lowell and was so good as to suggest my name as a session
organizer. The series Editor, Dr. Dennis DeThrk, was solicitously supportive of this
volume even before
it had much of a shape, and the AMS technical staff responded
with the customary kindness and perfectionism, especially Christine Thivierge. I
hope you enjoy the book!
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