Contents Preface I. Expository Papers Local tomography and related problems ix CARLOS A. BERENSTEIN 3 Tomography problems arising in synthetic aperture radar MARGARET CHENEY 15 Introduction to local tomography A FARIDANI, K. A. BUGLIONE, P. HUABSOMBOON, 0. D. IANCU, AND J. MCGRATH 29 Algorithms in ultrasound tomography FRANK NATTERER 49 Radon transforms, differential equations, and microlocal analysis ERIC TODD QUINTO 57 Supplementary bibliography to "A bibliographic survey of the Pompeiu problem" LAWRENCE ZALCMAN II. Research Papers Twistor results for integral transforms TOBY BAILEY AND MICHAEL EASTWOOD Injectivity for a weighted vectorial Radon transform JAN BOMAN Shape reconstruction in 2d from limited-view multifrequency electromagnetic data 69 77 87 OLIVER DORN, ERIC L. MILLER, AND CAREY M. RAPPAPORT 97 Three problems at Mount Holyoke LEON EHRENPREIS 123 A Paley-Wiener theorem for central functions on compact Lie groups FULTON B. GONZALEZ 131 vii
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