These are the proceedings of the NSF -CBMS conference on "The Geometrical
Study of Differential Equations". The five day conference was held at Howard
University in June 2000 under a sunny Washingtonian sky.
featured Niky Kamran
(McGill University) as principal speaker.
This volume is published as a companion book to the CBMS monograph based
on the principal lectures. The stress has been placed on ideas rather than technique.
It contains papers presented (or that could have been presented) at the conference.
The speakers were asked to give twenty minute non-technical talks bearing the
diverse and non-specialist nature of their audience in mind. The CBMS conference,
with this characteristic blend of ten principal lectures and short additional talks,
turned out to be very successful. The talks have been substituted here by about ten
page contributions. These collected papers, in presenting some important recent
developments in this area, offer a rich source of inspiration for new or established
researchers in the field. All articles have been refereed.
The geometrical study of differential equations for combining two fundamental
concepts deeply rooted in sciences is certainly one of the most fascinating fields of
research. Despite its already long and distinguished history it also stands, at the
beginning of this new century, as one of the most promising. Today, the considerable
number of recent important papers makes it difficult for any non-specialist to take
part actively in this research. We hope that this volume associated with Niky
Kamran's monograph will ease that task and serve as a useful catalyst.
List of authors
M. Anderson (Utah State University), Richard Beals (Yale University), Peter
A. Clarkson (University of Kent at Canterbury), Mark E. Fels (Utah State Univer-
sity), Rafael Hernandez Heredero (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Peter E.
Hydon (University of Surrey), Vladimir Itskov (University of Minnesota), Thomas
A. Ivey (College of Charleston), Irina A. Kogan (Yale University), Elizabeth L.
Mansfield (University of Kent at Canterbury), Gloria Mari-Beffa (University of
Wisconsin), Robert Milson (Dalhousie University), Clara Nucci (Universita' di Pe-
rugia), Michael Oberguggenberger (Universitiit Innsbruck), Peter J. Olver (Univer-
sity of Minnesota), Enrique G. Reyes (Yale University), Thierry Robart (Howard
University), Jan A. Sanders (Vrije Universiteit), Barbara Shipman (University of
Texas at Arlington), C. G. Torre (Utah State University), V. Torrisi (Universita'
di Perugia), Jing Ping Wang (Vrije Universiteit).
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