Contents Preface Eigenfunctions of the transfer operators and the period functions for modular groups ix CHENG-HUNG CHANG AND DIETER H. MAYER 1 A note on dynamical trace formulas CHRISTOPHER DENINGER AND WILHELM SINGHOF 41 Small eigenvalues and Hausdorff dimension of sequences of hyperbolic three-manifolds CAROL E. FAN AND JAY JORGENSON 57 Dynamical zeta functions and asymptotic expansions in Nielsen theory ALEXANDER FEL'SHTYN 67 Computing the Riemann zeta function by numerical quadrature WILLIAM F. GALWAY 81 On Riemann's zeta function SHAI HARAN 93 A prime orbit theorem for self-similar flows and Diophantine approximation MICHEL L. LAPIDUS AND MACHIEL VAN FRANKENHUYSEN 113 The 1022-nd zero of the Riemann zeta function A. M. 0DLYZKO 139 Spectral theory, dynamics, and Selberg's zeta function for Kleinian groups PETER PERRY 145 On zeroes of automorphic £-functions c. SOULE 167 Artin L-functions of graph coverings H. M. STARK AND A. A. TERRAS 181 vii
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