Contents Spatial central configurations for the 1 + 4 body problem ALAIN ALBOUY AND JAUME LLIBRE 1 Analytic estimation of weak stability boundaries and low energy transfers EDWARD BELBRUNO 17 The complex geometry of the spherical pendulum FRITS BEUKERS AND RICHARD CUSHMAN 47 Action minimizing periodic orbits in the Newtonian n-body problem ALAIN CHENCINER 71 On symmetric periodic orbits of the elliptic Sitnikov problem via the analytic continuation method MONTSERRAT CORBERA AND JAUME LLIBRE 91 Constructing a low energy transfer between Jovian moons WANG SANG KooN, MARTIN W. Lo, JERROLD E. MARSDEN, AND SHANE D. Ross 129 The generalized Sitnikov problem ERNESTO LACOMBA, JAUME LLIBRE, AND ERNESTO PEREZ-CHAVELA 147 Reflexions on the future of celestial mechanics C. MARCHAL 159 Generic drift on Cantor sets of annuli RICHARD MOECKEL 163 Action spectrum and collisions in the planar three-body problem RICHARD MONTGOMERY 173 A variational shadowing method PAUL H. RABINOWITZ AND EDWARD W. STREDULINSKY 185 Symbolic dynamics for transition tori CLARK ROBINSON 199 Dynamical properties of the figure eight solution of the three-body problem CARLES SIMO 209 Diffusion in comet motion YI-SUI SuN, JI-LIN ZHou, JIA-QING ZHENG, AND MAURI VALTONEN 229 vii
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