Preface The interest in the mathematical and numerical treatment of fluid flow and transport in porous media has been increasingly rising. For example, the emer- gence of complex enhanced recovery procedures in the field of hydrocarbon extrac- tion techniques has emphasized the need for sophisticated mathematical models and numerical tools capable of predicting, understanding, and optimizing intri- cate physical phenomena occurring in this field. A joint American Mathematical Society (AMS), Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMS), and Society for Indus- trial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) summer research conference, entitled "Fluid Flow and Transport in Porous Media: Mathematical and Numerical Treatment", was successfully held at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA, June 17-21, 2001. The goal of this conference was to bring together applied mathematicians, computational scientists, and engineers working actively in the mathematical and numerical treatment of fluid flow and transport in porous me- dia. A broad range of researchers presented papers and discussed both problems and current, state-of-the-art techniques. Over seventy people from many countries attended this conference and more than fifty papers were presented on a variety of subjects in multiphase fluid flow and transport in porous media. This book contains forty-three papers selected from this conference. They cover recent advances and developments in mathemat- ical modeling, network flow modeling, contemporary numerical methods, parallel computation, optimization, chemically reactive phenomena, multiscale phenomena, upscaling, uncertainty reduction, well treatment, and media characterization. This book serves as an excellent research reference for all graduate students, geoscientists, mathematicians, physicists, and engineers who work in the field of mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of fluid flow and transport in porous media. This conference would not have been possible without the help and support of a number of people in the American Mathematical Society. In particular, we would like to thank Mr. Wayne Drady for his hard work at the conference site. We would also like to thank Mrs. Christine M. Thivierge for her technical assistance in preparing this volume. Finally, we would like to acknowledge the financial support of the National Science Foundation for funding this summer research conference. ix Zhangxin Chen Richard E. Ewing Texas
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