Contents Preface 1x A new approach to upscaling for two-phase flow in heterogeneous porous media J0RG AARNES AND MAGNE S. ESPEDAL 1 Modeling fractures as interfaces for flow and transport in porous media CLARISSE ALBOIN, JEROME JAFFRE, JEAN E. ROBERTS, AND CHRISTOPHE SERRES 13 A family of higher-order Eulerian-Lagrangian localized adjoint methods for advection-diffusion equations MOHAMED AL-LAWATIA AND HONG WANG 25 Algorithmic aspects of a locally conservative Eulerian-Lagrangian method for transport-dominated diffusive systems CESAR ALMEIDA, JIM DOUGLAS, JR., FELIPE PEREIRA, LUIS c. ROMAN, AND LI-MING YEH 37 A streamline front tracking method for two- and three-phase flow including capillary forces INGA BERRE, HELGE K. DAHLE, KENNETH H. KARLSEN, AND HANS F. N ORDHAUG 49 Adaptive and formfree identification of nonlinearities in fluid flow from column experiments SANDRO BITTERLICH AND PETER KNABNER 63 Overall behaviour of fractured porous media versus fractures' size and permeability ratio ALAIN BOURGEAT 75 Hysteresis and upscaling in two-phase flow through porous media MICHAEL A. CELIA AND ANDREW J. GuswA 93 Simulation of biobarrier-protozoa interaction in porous media BENITO M. CHEN-CHARPENTIER AND HRISTO v. KOJOUHAROV 105 Mixed discontinuous FE methods and their applications to two-phase flow in porous media HONGSEN CHEN, ZHANGXIN CHEN, GUANREN HUAN, AND ZHONGXIAO WANG 113 v
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