Contents Twisted Tomei manifolds and the Toda lattices L. CASIAN AND Y. KODAMA 1 Quantization of Benney hierarchies J.-H. CHANG 21 Floer homology for families - a progress report K. FUKAYA 33 Rozansky-Witten invariants of log symplectic manifolds R. GoTO 69 An update on harmonic maps of finite uniton number, via the zero curvature equation M. A. GUEST 85 The lattice Toda field theory for simple Lie algebras R. INOUE 115 On the cohomology ring of the hyper Kahler analogue of the polygon spaces H. KONNO 129 On the theorem of Kim concerning QH*(G/B) A.-L. MARE 151 Geometry of the twistor equation and its applications Y. NAGATOMO 165 On the cohomology of theta divisors of hyperelliptic Jacobians A. NAKAYASHIKI 177 Isomonodromy deformations and twistor theory Y. 0HYAMA 185 Simple singularities and symplectic fillings K. 0NO 195 Quantum cohomology of infinite dimensional flag manifolds T. 0TOFUJI 199 Discrete conjugate nets of strings S. SAITO, N. SUZUKI, AND H. YAMAGUCHI 211 v
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