Contents Preface Self-maps of IP'2 with invariant elliptic curves ARACELI M. BONIFANT AND MARIUS DABIJA Pants decompositions and the Weil-Petersson metric JEFFREY F. BROCK Dihedral groups acting on Jacobians ANGEL CAROCCA, SEVIN RECILLAS, AND RUBI E. RODRIGUEZ Schwarz's lemma and Teichmiiller contraction CLIFFORD J. EARLE Barycentric extension and the Bers embedding for asymptotic Teichmiiller space vii 1 27 41 79 CLIFFORD J. EARLE, VLADIMIR MARKOVIC, AND DRAGOMIR SARIC 87 Symmetric rigidity for real polynomials with real critical points ADAM LAWRENCE EPSTEIN 107 On theta constant identities and the evaluation of trigonometric sums HERSHEL M. FARKAS AND IRWIN KRA 115 On the genus of a random Riemann surface ALEXANDER GAMBURD AND ERAN MAKOVER 133 Earthquake curves F. P. GARDINER, J. Hu, AND N. LAKIC 141 Efficient smooth quasiconformal mappings F. P. GARDINER AND N. LAKIC 197 The Ehrenpreis conjecture and the moduli-rigidity gap T. M. GENDRON 207 Word sequences and intersection numbers J 0 GILMAN AND L. KEEN 231 A law of conservation of number for local Euler characteristics L. GIRALDO AND X. GOMEZ-MONT 251 On families of algebraic curves with automorphisms G. GONZALEZ-DIEZ AND W. J. HARVEY 261 v
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