A Conference on Banach Algebras and Several Complex Variables was held on
June 21-24, 1983, to honor Professor Charles E. Rickart as he retired after
40 years at Yale University. These Proceedings contain articles submitted
for the Conference,
The topics, both at the Conference and in these Proceedings, represent
recent advances in a wide spectrum of topics related to Banach algebras,
function algebras and infinite dimensional holomorphy. Professor Rickart has
profoundly affected these areas, and the many participants who have been
either associates or graduate students of Professor Rickart would like to join
in thanking him for his inspiration.
The preparatory work for the conference rested primarily with
R. R, Coifman and Phil Curtis, as well as Phyllis Stevens of the Department of
Mathematics at Yale University, who lent an expert hand that was invaluable
to the conference. The painstaking job of retyping each manuscript to appear
in these Proceedings fell onto the shoulders of Donna Belli, Caroline Curtis,
Mary Ellen Del Vecchio and Bernadette Highsmith ef the Department of
Mathematics, under the careful and patient supervision of Regina Hoffman. To
all those who helped make the conference successful and memorable, as well as
to the National Science Foundation for its generous support, we wish to
express our gratitude.
The editors would also like to thank the following conference speakers
whose results are appearing elsewhere: B. Cole, E. Effros, T. Gamelin,
T. Lyons, M. Sibony,
With this volume we extend our thanks to Professor Rickart, who has for
such a long time served as teacher, researcher, administrator and friend.
Fred Greenleaf
Denny Gulick
After completing his undergraduate study at the University of Kansas,
Professor Rickart began his move east, earning his Ph.D. at the University of
Michigan in 1941 and serving as Benjamin Peirce Instructor at Harvard
University from 1941 to 1943. He joined the Yale faculty in 1943, and became
one of the pioneers in the study of Banach algebras. In 1960,
Professor Rickart published his classical treatise General Theory of Banach
Algebra, More recently his interests have turned to the study of infinite
dimensional holomorphy, culminating in his 1979 book Natural Function Algebras,
an important contribution to this subject.
NSF Grant: MCS-8217128
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